Internships We Want You
An internship is designed to offer a supervised learning experience that is related to a students’ career or college plan.  These experiences provide students with the opportunity to develop on-site occupational skills and apply formal classroom learning to the world of work.

For Students 

Student Eligibility
 Student must be at least 16 years of age
  Student must be at least a junior in high school (or going into junior year)
  Student must meet school guidelines for participation

 Develops and/or enhances employability skills
 Assists students in gaining professional experience that can be placed on a resume
 Helps students select a career or college major
 Supports future plans – an internship can help students get professional references as well as open up opportunities for summer jobs.


  1 credit can be earned for 135 hrs of hands-on experience per semester. Successful completer's may continue their internship experience beyond a semester if all parties involved agree and an updated internship plan is filed.  (max. 2 credits )

For Potential Supervisors 

Internships Are 
 Paid or unpaid 
 Time limited (semester long: fall, spring & summer) 
 Credit bearing (1 credit = 135 hrs) 
 Practical application of current or previously studied theory or related curriculum 
 Connected to career and/or post-secondary goals 
 Opportunities for students to explore career options in a particular field of work

We Want You!

Come explore the internship and apprenticeship opportunities available to all students at Dover High School and Career Technical Center.